A DIFFERENT STORY. From the beginning.


It was now around 2500 BC and everything was mechanically ready to go, but the lords still had to observe corporate policy for social and environmental responsibility. They had to do a risk assessment and develop contingency plans.

The lords knew – must have known – that turning on all the Great Lights at once would cause significant radiation fallout. And there was the added risk of failure. There was always the risk of structural failure in the pyramid – that the stone construction was not strong enough to contain the heat source and would explode. Or the risk of over-engineering the heat source – so rather than a controlled reaction they got an explosion.

So they developed a checklist of contingency plans.

One: they wanted to leave an explanation of the technology for posterity. As Josephus recorded they inscribed the ‘peculiar secrets of the stars’ inside the towers of stone so that they might not be lost. That was the Pyramid Texts engraved inside the last sequence of pyramids at Saqqara. Done – tick that box.

Two: beyond the technology of the Great Lights the lords also wanted to leave an enduring memorial explaining the whole chain of events leading to the loss of the prior Golden Age – the fall of Ilium, or Troy as it became known. The advent of a comet/asteroid that put the stars to flight; the collision of Mercury with Mars; and the collateral damage from debris that impacted Earth.

So the lords dispatched a team to the west, to Armorica in western Europe, where they sculptured a memorial into the landscape of Britain and Brittany in earth and stone. A gigantic diagram of our planetary system depicting the comets at Carnac; planets as earth mounds like Silbury Hill (the sun); the path of the comet/asteroid as furrows in the ground like Wan’s Dyke; and the final impact of the ‘fallen stone’ at Stonehenge.

It was all remembered in local British folklore. They remembered Silbury as the home of the giant Golden King (the sun); that Wan’s Dyke was Wodensdic, made by the devil Mercurie on Woden’s day; and the construction of Stonehenge was accomplished by ‘giant Saracens’ – which is to say unusually tall men from North Africa. The sculpture in the living landscape was called in Celtic … eald enta geweorc … the ancient work of giants.

Early British astronomers including Mr John Wood in 1740 and a Mr Waltire in 1827 published accounts recognising the earthworks of England as a vast model of the planetary system created by ‘imported philosophers’, but regrettably their observations fell on stony ground.  The Establishment scorned pagan folklore, and much of the monuments were destroyed. In the 1700s many of the heathen stones of Avebury were broken up and used for such essentials as building a church, a pub and a cowshed. More of that later.

Three: the lords knew there would be significant nuclear fallout so they had a duty to warn the public. In the account of Genesis, the lords called everyone together and announced ‘now nothing will be restrained [delayed]’, we are ready to turn on the lights so you should disperse as far away as possible. ‘You should scatter abroad on the face of the Earth’. [1]   Josephus says the lords commanded the locals to send colonies abroad before the ‘gods’ (plural) sent storms of wind. Some did not obey but others fled to the four corners of the compass.

To the north – one group sailed across the Mediterranean and up the Danube Valley into the heart of Western Europe where they became the Slavic tribes whose legend preserves the memory of the Alatuir, a magic stone of blazing light that was the source of ultimate power from the homeland of the ancestors. Some continued into northwest Europe where they survive today as the traditional and tight-knit Ashkenazi Jewish sect – whose Y-chromosome profile (the ‘Jewish gene’) most closely resembles Jews of Morocco, Kurdistan and Iraq (Babylon). After millennia the DNA profile of the Ashkenazi still resembles that of their middle-eastern ancestors.

To the south – a few filtered into darkest Africa, where even now unaccountable astronomical knowledge of the Sirius stars remains preserved amongst the cultural rituals of the Dogon tribes of Mali.  Some ventured even further south where their descendants linger today in the Bantu-speaking Lemba tribes of Zimbabwe and S Africa – who claim to have Jewish ancestry and observe ‘Jewish’ customs of circumcision, ritual slaughter and avoidance of pork. Modern DNA analysis has shown that the frequency of the ‘Jewish gene’ (the particular Cohen Y-chromosome derived from Moses and Aaron) is two to three times higher in the Lemba than in the general population of known Jews.

To the east- some ventured eastward founding the sudden flourish of civilisation in the Indus valley at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, where archaeology has revealed the graves of tall, long-headed ‘Mediterranean type’ immigrants from the west.  They were the Kshatriya demi-god lords of Indian legend who knew ‘the fire’ and passed on their secret knowledge to human ‘Brahmans’, who were descendants of Abraham.  Others pressed on even farther east to the limits of the land where late Neolithic Aryan style pottery, skilled carpentry and agricultural techniques appeared in China ‘suddenly’ as if by immigration. These ‘sons of god’ established the royal dynasties of China, Korea and Japan where even today Emperor Akihito retains the title of ‘heavenly sovereign’, son of the gods, ruling over the House of the Rising Sun. The last of the Sumerians! The immigrants knew the myths of the sacred fire, the ‘holy mountain of stones’, and the wizard’s ‘mountain of brilliances’ ; and they brought with them the Tao Te Ching, the Book of the Way of the Power, which was Tao – the spirit which sprang from ‘heaven and earth’.

And finally, to the west- some took the land route across North Africa, crossed the narrow straits into Iberia and Atlantic Europe, leaving their pagan genes along the way in the Berbers, the Basques, the Bretons and the Britons.  Brutus, great-grandson of Aeneas founded Troynovant (New Troy), later to become Trinovantum and eventually London; while the Chronicles of the Scots of 1440 record that the Celts had migrated from Egypt. Amongst the Celts, ancient long-haired wizards prowled, like Merlin with his magic wand tipped with a glowing crystal globe that could strike down armies with invisible spirits. It was the magic rod of druidism, slat na draoichta, said to cast its rays to a distance causing fiery storms.  A subset of the westerners who would become the Gauls (Gallia L) preferred to sail along the Mediterranean leaving their calling card at Gallipoli in western Turkey, and Gallipoli in western Italy until they made landfall in Port’oGalli (Portugal).

Four: animal welfare. The lords knew nuclear fallout would be indiscriminate so they deputised Noah to remain behind to look after animal welfare. Perhaps he drew the short straw. Noah and his equivalent Utanapishtim or Ziusudra in Sumeria built a refuge called an ‘ark’ into which they took pairs of animals – two by two – to be saved to repopulate the region.

In the Sumero-Babylonian account the ‘scorpion people’ raised their torches and set the land aglow in a ‘Flood of Waves’ or ‘Flood of Winds’ that sent clouds of blackness and death across the land. It was not a flood of water but of radiation. The ‘director of the host of heaven and earth’ induced the gods to make a windstorm (a-bu-bi); the storehouses of the winds were opened releasing a violent cyclone, a black cloud of darkness.

The ‘ark’ was a refuge, a fallout shelter. The term derives from Latin arca (chest) and survives in Celtic as ‘arx’, meaning a securely sealed container; and in Norse Swedish as ‘ark’ which is still used today for the secure little hut used by ice fishermen in the winter. It is a survival refuge.

Noah’s ark was never a boat.  The Hebrew version, according to Genesis and to Josephus, was described as a ‘contrivance’ measuring an astounding 520 feet long by 86 feet wide by 52 feet high – of three (or four) stories covered with pitch inside and out with firm cross-braced walls and a roof  with only a single small window opening.  And it had lead-lined cisterns for storage of food and water. Lead-lined to prevent nuclear contamination. Likewise, the Babylonian structure was described as a building seven stories high, covered inside and out with pitch; the base covered about an acre, and it was as high as it was long.

Noah (Utanapishtim or Ziusudra) and his family and pets sheltered inside the pitched (and partly lead-lined) building until the ‘winds’ abated.  Then they sent out various birds as ‘mine canaries’. They knew that birds are peculiarly sensitive to radiation so when the dove returned they knew it must be safe to venture out. Noah was the first recorded person to ‘test the waters’ so to speak – but he was actually testing the waves of radiation.

Five: finally the lords needed a personal evacuation or funeral plan.

Someone had to stay behind to operate the lights and the water supply. Even though they had specialised safety clothing they knew the radiation fallout would be severe and they might be incurably affected. They were the original sons of the gods who laid down their lives that man might live. Greater love has no man than this!

None of the graves of the ‘old’ monogene kings has ever been found – in Sumeria or in Egypt. They were rescued (or recovered) and repatriated to the family cemetery on the fringe of their homeland in Pohnpei in the south-west Pacific. More of that later.

It is clear and incontrovertible that the lords ‘raised their torches and set the land aglow in a ‘Flood of Winds’ that sent clouds of blackness and death across the land’.  When they turned on the lights it brought death and affliction to the region for hundreds of years.

[1] Genesis, 11

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